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7 Ways To Make Your Cat Smile

Follow these steps to make your cat a happy and healthy animal!

1. Let your cat graze
Plant cat grass so that it can nibble inside. Catnip is not only a digestive aid, it’s also a treat – most cats just love the taste. For the uninitiated, it is a cereal grass rich in fiber, usually barley, oats, wheat or a combination thereof, which can be easily grown indoors in pots. You can very often find cat grass or cat grass seeds in animal shops or botanical centres.

2. Obtain the appropriate number of litters – one per cat
Cats largely prefer not to share their litter. By providing litter per cat (and cleaning regularly), you reduce the chance of mishaps. Improper disposal is one of the main reasons why cats are returned to shelters. Prevent this kind of frustration by giving your cat a nice place to go to for her needs.

3. Brush your cat every day
This action accomplishes several things: it develops the bond, loosens the hairs, thus helping to prevent the hairballs, and allows you to notice the changes that might occur in certain places on your cat’s body and thus alert you if needed. If, initially, your cat is not very fond of brushing, offer her some treats to make it easier and make sure to associate brushing with something good. Bonus: Brushing will significantly reduce the amount of hair your cat spreads in the house.

4. Take time to play with your cat
Taking the time to make some games with your cat will bring you closer and solidify your bond while keeping your companion mentally and physically active. Many people mistakenly think that their cat does not like to play, but it may very well be because they do not know how to play. Try different types of games, and if you have two cats, separate them and play with them each in turn, because sometimes cats don’t like to play when another cat is present.

5. Install a perch near a window
Give your cat a place to bask in the sun and look outside to see the birds and squirrels. This keeps them mentally alert. Most window perches are affordable and easy to install.

6. Have them carry an electronic chip
All cats, whether indoor or outdoor, should have an electronic chip. If your cat escapes and gets lost, it will greatly increase the chances of finding him. A study of more than 7,700 stray animals and shelters showed that cats without microchips were reunited with their masters in only 1.8% of cases, while animals with microchips were reunited in 38.5% of cases.

7. Clean litter daily
Would you like to use a dirty bathroom? So everything is said!